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Learn more about the Duke of Monfallito and how his 16th century palazzo became the inspiration for Hotel Granduca Austin.


Described by locals as the Palace of the Duke, the stunning Hotel Granduca Austin is inspired by the life and history of Adalberto Malatesta, Granduca of Monfallito.

Born in 1524 in Rimini, Italy, Adalberto and his family were forced to flee their homeland due to territorial wars and civil unrest when he was four years old.

The Malatesta family settled in Savoy, where Adalberto’s mother was a relative of the ruling Savoias. By age 20, Adalberto married Marina di Savoia, who brought him a dowry, a palace, and 1800 acres in Monfallito. A born leader, Adalberto served in the Savoian army and was instrumental in helping Spain defeat the French in the battle of San Quintino in 1556.

As a result of his success at San Quintino, King Phillip II proudly appointed Adalberto the Granduca of Monfallito. As Granduca, Adalberto dedicated his life to helping Savoias maintain their dominance and rule of northern Italy until his death in 1588 at age 64.

Today, his legacy continues in Austin, as his 16th century palazzo is the inspiration for Hotel Granduca.


Based on innovative Houston developer Giorgio Borlenghi’s vision of Italian sophistication and modern luxury, Granduca Hotels’ first property opened in Houston in 2006. The hotel, which echoes the classical grace of a private Tuscan villa, quickly gained popularity and a sterling reputation among Houston locals and world travelers.

Towards the end of its fifth year in operation, Mr. Borlenghi and his son, Alex, felt it was the perfect time to expand the Granduca Hotels brand due in part to the success Granduca Houston was experiencing.

Mr. Borlenghi would often visit Austin while Alex attended the University of Texas, and both quickly realized that the city was in the early stages of a real estate boom, making it the natural choice for their planned Texas expansion.

Austin was the ideal spot as its climate and atmosphere lends itself well to the Italian villa experience the Granduca Hotel’s brand evokes. Initially they began looking for a downtown site, but soon realized the the lack of open space and greenery would not work for their vision.

During their search, Giorgio and Alex were introduced to Riverside Resources, an Austin investment and development company with a history of delivering unique residential and office projects. Riverside Resources owned a 38-acre parcel on the west side of town adjacent to the city of Westlake. The location, with its lush greenery and sprawling hills, lacked a luxury hotel presence, so they quickly partnered with Riverside to develop the land.

Continuing Granduca Hotels’ tradition of offering exceptional service, fabulous suites, splendid dining and luxurious amenities, Hotel Granduca Austin provides a unique experience in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Interfin History

Created by Giorgio Borlenghi, Hotel Granduca Austin is part of Houston-based Granduca Hotels.

Mr. Borlenghi’s vision was to build a remarkable boutique hotel reminiscent of a private Italian villa that offers a personalized and luxurious experience for every guest. The hotel itself serves as an elegant testimony to the Borlenghi family’s history and Italian heritage; many of the antique furnishings, art, and decorations come from the Borlenghi family home, and are incorporated throughout the hotel and its suites.

Granduca Austin’s interior also showcases Italian flair throughout including hand-painted murals, intricately detailed mosaic tile designs, patterned wood floors and antique carpets. Charming exposed beams and wooden elements have a naturally aged patina, combining the traditional ambiance of an Italian Palazzo and rustic Texas charm.

Founded by Mr. Borlenghi in 1978, The Interfin Companies, LP is a Houston based, diversified real estate company specializing in the development, construction, and management of landmark residential and commercial real estate projects. Interfin has gained a national and international reputation for combining elegant architecture with high-quality construction to provide one-of-a-kind working and living developments.

Interfin is continually expanding its portfolio of world-class business and personal environments. The staff and team of Interfin are skilled professionals who exhibit hands-on management capabilities and superior customer service. Moving into the luxury hospitality industry was a natural step forward and Mr. Borlenghi’s devotion to providing his guests with a one-of-a-kind luxury experience continues with Hotel Granduca Austin.